The Value in Appointing Skilled Proffesionals

Whether you are a government agency undertaking a new initiative needing to appropriately stage-gate from one project phase to another, or a construction company seeking assistance in ensuring you are optimising your entitlements under the contract, Benmore can assist.

Benmore can act as agent for developers who don’t personally have the time to fully cover their development, or we can simply manage your new office construction, relocation or fitout. Please consider the following questions and contact us if you would like assistance with any of these issues:


  • Do you need competent, qualified professionals in your corner supporting your business and project initiatives, answering directly to you, showing project truths?
  • Would you like to be more certain of the project’s probable cost?
  • Would you like a well evidenced and documented project, so you can refute spurious claims or confirm requirements are met?
  • Do you want to understand and manage project risks, so you can allocate appropriate funds or inform better decision making?
  • Are all the legal issues covered?
  • Do you understand the true status of the project – financial, risk, progress?
  • Is the project evidenced – variations, agreements, assumptions, rationale for decisions, consultant advice?
  • Are you getting what you want and need – contractor performance, quality and benefits?
  • Do you have adequate security for contractor failure or non-performance?
  • Are you already in dispute?
  • Are payments claims valid and correct, or are you inadvertently taking on additional commercial risk?


  • Would you like to improve tender or bid quality, so you can win more work?
  • Feeling excluded or afraid to bid on some projects because of a lack of ‘fancy’ project skills?
  • Claims and variations getting knocked back – would you like well evidenced and documented project claims?
  • Client’s project managers are trying to baffle you – do you need support cutting through the technicalities?
  • Not sure of what you really have to deliver – complex contract clauses?
  • Are you exposed to liquidated damages but believe the client caused the delays – struggling to prove it?
  • Struggling to compile the required handover information?
  • Missing out on legitimate EOTs and claims?
  • Know you could use better systems but don’t know where to start and you want it to be practical?


  • Haven’t got the time to fully manage a development?
  • Need a trusted professional to drive results and sort out the bureaucracy?
  • How do you know claims are accurate and valid?
  • Do you need project evidence to support funding requirement?


  • Are you interested in bidding on works but lack the support to coordinate multi-disciplined teams?
  • Do you need to temporarily expand your own project management capacity?
  • Can’t find the right staff? – Considering sub-contractors?
  • Looking for leads and contacts into Australia or New Zealand?


  • Do you need someone practical to assist with de-risking activities, monitoring of troubled projects?
  • Do you need professional project recovery?
  • Do you need independent review and validation of contractor works and claims?
  • Do you need detailed project reporting to satisfy risk profile and continuing funding?